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Featured Projects: Few Spirits Spec, Optum: Proof Points, Finish Line x Under Armour: OKC Kids' Camp, Press Ganey NCC Event Recap, JUUL Conference Opener, IDEXX Conference Opener, Project Color Corps (All Oystercatcher Media), This is not the morning... short film (Untitled Sisters), A Brief History of SHC (Oystercatcher Media), McDonald's: The Sounds of Breakfast (Golin), Blender Donut (Personal Work), Clean Up at Cannes (Golin), Frontera Foods Activation (Golin), Gulden's Mustard Hat Guy (Golin), Finish Line x Zach Lavine (Oystercatcher Media), McDonald's All American Games Recap (Oystercatcher Media). 

Featured Projects: A Brief History of SHC (Oystercatcher Media), The New Georgia Project (The Hooligans. Agency), Fan Duel - America's #1 SB (Made Good), McDonald's - The Sounds of Breakfast (Golin), Now! That's What I call... (Oystercatcher Media), Few Spirits Spec (Oystercatcher Media), Champion's Club Live (Oystercatcher Media), Blender Donut (Personal Work), High Season Visualizer (Personal Work), Podcast Visualizer (Tokyo Podcast), Knockout City: Holo-Ween Animatic (Velan Studios), Toyota AEM Case Study (iCrossing), Optum: Proof Points (Oystercatcher Media), POPin Product Demo, Golin Agency of the Year.

Tiffani Bauer is a Chicago based Freelance Videographer, Freelance Editor, and Freelance Motion Graphic Designer 

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